Udidi: Uganda

  • Ungasifaka njani isicelo sokhuseleko eUganda

    Ungasifaka njani isicelo sokhuseleko eUganda

    Ukufaka isicelo sokukhuselwa eUganda, ufuna ukuqhagamshelana nabasemagunyeni eUganda. Ungazibonakalisa kwiziko lezohambo, indawo yolwamkelo, okanye indawo yokuqokelela eUganda. Unokuqhagamshelana nayo nayiphi na i-Arhente ye-UN Refugee (UNHCR) iofisi yangaphandle. Ungajonga kwifomu yesicelo sendawo yokhuseleko […]

  • Ungawufumana njani umsebenzi eUganda?

    Ungawufumana njani umsebenzi eUganda?

    To find a job in Uganda, you can start from ugandajob and Reliefweb. You can look for recruitment agencies or employment agencies in Uganda. And you can look for jobs also on Facebook groups in Uganda. Everyone who wants to get a job in Uganda needs first to look for a job in Uganda. Uganda […]

  • Ukhathalelo lwezempilo lusebenza njani eUganda?

    Ukhathalelo lwezempilo lusebenza njani eUganda?

    Both privately and publicly sponsored establishments are part of Uganda’s healthcare system. All healthcare institutions must adhere to government regulations. Pharmacies, clinics, and hospitals are all supported by private businesses. Although there is no universal health insurance program, private health insurance is offered by insurance firms. It is projected that just 0.5% of GDP is […]

  • Ufunda njani eUganda? Iidyunivesithi zaseUganda

    Ufunda njani eUganda? Iidyunivesithi zaseUganda

    Unokukhangela iyunivesithi yaseUganda apho ungathanda ukufunda khona. Ukufundiswa akubizi mali ininzi. Unoluhlu olubanzi lokhetho lwezifundo zakho zesidanga kunye nesidanga sokuqala. Imfundo yaseUganda iyabiza kancinci. Xa kuthelekiswa nezinye iindawo zehlabathi, iindleko zokuphila nazo azibizi. Ngaba unomdla wokufunda kwi […]

  • Iibhanki ezilungileyo kakhulu eUganda

    Iibhanki ezilungileyo kakhulu eUganda 

    Banks in Uganda are supervised by the Benki Kuu ya Uganda or Bank of Uganda, the central bank of the country. It is a government-owned bank that was established in 1966. Aside from governing the banks in Uganda, it promotes price stability and fosters a sound financial system. It is also responsible for promoting macroeconomic […]

  • Uyifumana njani i-visa yokuya eUganda?

    Uyifumana njani i-visa yokuya eUganda?

    Are you planning to go on a trip to Uganda? If yes, then you must want to know about the Uganda visa. However, now a visa application process no longer requires a trip to the nearest Ugandan embassy. This is because back in 2016 Ugandan government released an electronic visa. After the release of an […]

  • Umsebenzi eUganda !!

    Umsebenzi eUganda !!

    Uganda is a developing country with a positive growth perspective. Over the next few years, their economy shows an upward trajectory, according to the World Bank. So, if you are an Expats and want to work in Uganda, we can give you an overview. Work Permits for Uganda Before completing their application, all foreign nationals […]

  • Ezothutho zase-Uganda, Ukuyijikeleza njani i-Uganda

    Ezothutho zase-Uganda, Ukuyijikeleza njani i-Uganda

    Moving around Uganda is easy, fast and convenient. Ugandan public and private means of transport can reach out with all parts of the country. The country is landlocked. But still, transportation is quite good. Uganda is well connected to nearby countries as well as to faraway countries. Uganda’s capital, Kampala, and nearby towns are very […]

  • Ukuthenga eUganda !!

    Ukuthenga eUganda !!

      Kampala is an exciting city for shoppers as everything you may need is readily available. Trendy styles from various fashion capitals of the world, groceries, electronics, households, gifts and more. Most shopping in Kampala is concentrated in shopping malls and upmarket large chain supermarkets and shopping centres. You can have an interesting mix of […]

  • Iindawo ezilungileyo zokutyelela e-Uganda !!

    Iindawo ezilungileyo zokutyelela e-Uganda !!

    Places to Visit In Uganda!! Uganda is, for the most part, a safe and enthralling place. It’s a land where hippos humph through the wetlands and lions laze in the acacias. It’s a land of rain-stained forests and misty  hills that house chimpanzees. It’s got the lapping waters of Lake Victoria, and the winding channels […]