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  • Usifaka njani isicelo seDecreto Flussi

    Usifaka njani isicelo seDecreto Flussi

    Decreto Flussi: yintoni na? Urhulumente wase-Italiya upapasha inkqubo yonyaka ebizwa ngokuba yi-Decreto Flussi 2023 echaza ukuba bangaphi na abafaki-zicelo abangabaseYurophu abaza kunikwa iimvume zokusebenza e-Itali. Ilawula ukuba bangaphi na abasebenzi bamanye amazwe abanokungena elizweni nangaliphi na ixesha. Ke ngoko, iimvume zokusebenza ezingama-82,705 ziya kunikwa abasebenzi bamaxesha athile kunye nawonyaka wonke. Ingcaciso […]

  • Ungawufumana njani umsebenzi e-Itali?

    Ungawufumana njani umsebenzi e-Itali?

    To find a job in Italy, you can start from Ti Consiglio  and infojobs. Everyone who wants to find a job in Italy needs first to look for a job in Italy. You can look for recruitment agencies in Italy. And you can look for jobs on Facebook groups in Italy. Once you find a […]

  • Uhamba njani eItali

    Uhamba njani eItali

    To get around Italy you can use buses, metro, taxis, and cars in cities. For longer distances, you can get around by train, bus, airplane, or even a private driver if you can afford one. The railway system is the 13th largest in the world. Italy has 2507 people and 12,46 square km per km […]

  • Liliphi ixesha elifanelekileyo lokuya eItali

    Liliphi ixesha elifanelekileyo lokuya eItali

    Elona xesha lilungileyo lokuya eItali kusentwasahlobo ngoAprili ukuya kuJuni okanye ekwindla ngoSeptemba nango-Oktobha. Ime eYurophu, ilizwe elimilise okwebhuthi. Yenye yezona ndawo zidumileyo ehlabathini. Oko kuyathandwa ngenxa yezizathu ezahlukeneyo. Kubandakanya ubugcisa, amatye anqabileyo, iidolophu ezichwayitileyo, ezintle […]

  • Kufuneka ubone iimyuziyam eItali

    Kufuneka ubone iimyuziyam eItali

    Must-see museums in Italy are: Vatican Museum at Vatican City The Borghese Gallery in Rome Capitoline Museums in Rome Academia Gallery in Florence Uffizi Gallery in Florence Egyptian museum in Turin Accademia Gallery in Venice Doge’s Palace in Venice National Gallery of Umbria Ferrari Museum National Archaeological Museum in Naples Pompeii Ruins near Naples Royal […]

  • Luza kubiza malini uhambo lwase-Italiya?

    Luza kubiza malini uhambo lwase-Italiya?

    An Italy trip will cost roughly € 132 ($ 144) per day. It is the average daily price based on the spending of previous travelers. Previous tourists have spent an average of € 36 ($ 39) on meals and € 21 ($ 23) on local transportation in a single day. Also, the average hotel fee […]

  • Italy amakhonkco aluncedo, websites imfuduko malunga Italy

    Italy amakhonkco aluncedo, websites imfuduko malunga Italy

    Here below you can find lists of links to websites and to social media about living in Italy for everyone, especially migrants and refugees. All this information about Italy covers the whole country on multiple aspects like travel, asylum, housing, education, healthcare, employment, money and aid. Italy useful links, immigration websites about Italy AIDA asylum […]

  • Uyivula njani iakhawunti yebhanki eItali?

    Uyivula njani iakhawunti yebhanki eItali?

    Moving abroad can be exciting, but it’s not without its challenges. Maybe you need to learn a new language, find a new home or you have a mountain of forms to fill out… not to mention all those boxes to pack and unpack. And on top of all that, you’ll need to think about your […]

  • Iibhanki ezigqwesileyo zaseItali

    Iibhanki ezigqwesileyo zaseItali

    So you’ve moved to Italy. You did it! But, before you pop open that nice bottle of prosecco and celebrate a fait accompli, you might want to open an Italian bank account in your new dream city. “Another thing to do? Oh brother, bank accounts are a nightmare.” I hear you. After getting residency or […]

  • Ungasifaka njani isicelo sokhuseleko eItali? Iimbacu eItali

    Ungasifaka njani isicelo sokhuseleko eItali? Iimbacu eItali

    In case you want to seek asylum or international protection in Italy, this article is helpful for you. We have explained the necessary steps and where to apply for asylum. Also, at last, we have given some useful links. How to apply for asylum in Italy? Thousands of people migrate to Italy. Applying for asylum […]